These frames provide depth and three dimensionality to art or pictures. The extra space around the canvas can make it appear as if the artwork is floating, and are a popular alternative to traditional matted picture frames. Browse Collection


Highly ornate, inspired by nature with carvings of foliage, flowers and ribbon. Designs echo the elaborate Baroque details that could be found in 17th century French architecture and interior decoration. Browse Collection


Distinguished for their black moldings made of ebony or other dark woods, these “17th Century Holland” frames mimic the original Artisans fanciful gold auricular and trophy frames. Browse Collection


A simple variety tof L-style frames constructed with a single L-shaped border of wood that sits at the front on the frame to hold in the glass, and is secured in the back. Browse Collection


A stylish, smooth frame is enhanced by a gentle swan curve that gives its contemporary look a traditional edge. Browse Collection


The “Whistler profile,” is inspired by James McNeil Whistler who rebelled against the Victorian fondness for highly ornamented frames. These frames express his personal aesthetic – stark and simple, with alternating panels and rows of reeded lines. Browse Collection

Round Top

Round top picture frames lend a softness and subtleness to the look and finish of your art or picture. Browse Collection

Flat panel

Defined by high cap moldings surrounding the inner panel and consisting of Italian shape Cassetta profiles. Browse Collection


This classic, beveled frame features a gentle scoop profile and is ideal for a wide variety of photographs, artwork, paintings and prints. Browse Collection


Reed profile frames resemble a comb, defined by many vertical slits that create a unique overall look. Browse Collection


The wedge shaped profile of these frames provides you a more contemporary and modern look. Browse Collection


A clean, modern profile consisting of multiple linear steps. Browse Collection


Reminiscent of early 20th century styles, these frames feature inverted hollow and torus, with a plain cushioned front and back edge. Browse Collection


Known for virtuosos of carving, gilding, and gesso these frames are reminiscent of the Louis era; of high wattage kings who ruled and dominated for several 100 years. Browse Collection


Known as the “Renaissance Times” Italy was once the center of the frame world, and frame makers created a spectacular array of ornamentation. These frames embody the most distinctive techniques include Pastiglia, Gilding, Punch-Work, and sgraffito. Browse Collection


Typically made of solid, these frames typically feature a scoop straight line design with elegant compo. These are time-honored profiles and finishes, ideal for use in formal living spaces and offices. Browse Collection


Clean lines and minimal decoration define these modern frames. Browse Collection

Drawing Frames

Frames with distinct detail recreated of distinctive designs from major era. Each frame is chosen to enhance an expansive range of work, including drawings, paints, old prints and fine art. Browse Collection