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* Every attempt has been made to accurately portray each product style image on this site. Due to different monitor and color calibrations, we cannot guarantee the product images on this site will be the same and exact as the actual physical product sample it portrays.


* The frame calculator has been provided as a tool to obtain an approximate price for the selected product style and sizes. It should be used as a reference tool to obtain a general idea on the pricing of a frame. It is not to be used to give actual estimates. For estimates, please call the office.


* An account can be easily set up by simply calling and supplying us with your tax identification number and a copy of your tax resale certificate.
* Net 30 days may be established by submitting a credit application provided by CDNV.
* New customers will have C.O.D or credit card terms until your credit application has been received and approved.
* For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.
* Please be advised that 1.5% or $3.00 finance charges will be applied to all invoices over 45 days.
* We reserve the right to put any accounts over 60 days on hold until full payment is received.
* Returned checks are subject to a $35.00 surcharge.


* All prices are listed at retail cost per foot on this website and are subject to change without notice. Please note: Any catalogs or printed pricelists will be in suggested retail price unless otherwise noted.
* Please note, shipping charges are additional.
* All prices are quoted per foot (Suggested Retail). Please note that written quotes are only valid for 30 days.
* There is a minimum of 5 feet per finished corner frame.
* All frames over 16 feet will be subject to a 15% oversize surcharge.


* When placing orders, please note any specifications clearly or simply call and our staff will be happy to help you.
* Orders can be placed by phone, fax or e-mail. All orders will be confirmed in the same manner.
* 10% Quantity discounts are offered for orders of 10 identical frames or more.
* Gallery discounts are also offered upon approval by our staff.


* Our frames are carved and finished by hand. We try to keep frames as consistent as possible though there will be some variation. Please note that when dealing with finishes containing chemicals such as bleach or crackle, we do not have full control of the chemical reaction and therefore finishes may vary.
* Also note that natural wood varies in color and grain and so each piece can take stain differently.
Please advice you clients that these variations cannot be guaranteed in natural wood.
* Frames normally take 2-3 weeks to complete. However, special or complex orders can take longer.
* Please allow about 4 weeks for carved or oversize frames.
* Rush service (1-2 weeks) is available for a 30% additional charge.


* All order are processed and shipped in 1-3 days. In case a product is out of stock, please allow 5-7 days to ship.
* There is a minimum of 4 feet for all chop & join orders.
* Minimum length order is one stick per item (each stick may vary from 8-10 feet in length).


* Our standard method of shipment is UPS ground. Larger frames will be shipped via other common carrier or airfreight. We can make other shipment arrangements upon request.
* For length orders please specify cutting instructions for shipping.


* Returns for defective products will expedited and shipped ASAP. We will issue a call tag for the defective products.
* Returns are accepted upon approval by our staff. However, all claims MUST be made within 10 days of receipt.
* We cannot accept any frames that have been fit or altered in any way.


* All damaged packages will be subject to inspection.
* All damaged packages have to be reported to the shipping carrier, please keep all packaging material for carrier inspection.
* Please allow 1 week for claims to be processed.


* For all finished corner orders we begin work the same day you place the order, all cancellations will be charged according to the work that has been completed.
* If any Chop or Join orders are cancelled before cutting there is no charge.
* For Chop or Join orders that have been cut there is 50% cancellation fee.
* Length orders are subject to a 15% re-stocking fee.