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carving3Since our establishment in 1995, our CDNV founders came from a long line of hand craftsmen. CDNV expertise originated from Pre-Columbian, Asian and Egyptian traditions and customs.

The tradition of craftsmanship developed by the population of San Antonio, Ecuador dates to the 16th century, and includes sought after wooden religious art and altar pieces that are shipped to Colombia, Peru, Spain and elsewhere.

Wood works and wood carving, an activity with ancient cultural roots among Andean populations, much of the art in Ecuador is traditional and usually the skills involved are passed down from generation to generation.

CDNV integrates old traditions that date back to the 14th century with modern designs through the 21st century.

Each and every individual frame possess its own uniqueness. We take pride in our work, and continue to strive to perfect each and every frame produced at CDNV.